Heze Intimate Music Theme Restaurant - Created by Timoo from France

It takes all sorts to make a world. People of all kinds like to shuttle through the colorful lights, searching for the dark corners of the unfamiliar world to escape the pressure of reality. We always have a wishful thinking that the more noisy and gloomy the corners are, the safer they are. No one pays attention. One person, a few people, many people, one cup after another, one mouthful after another, smoke circles fill the entire body and mind with emptiness. It's like a hollowed out bottle suddenly filling up and quickly disappearing, only providing a momentary comfort.

In today's fast-paced and busy society, everyone should learn how to release stress - release mental stress, so that they can live a healthy and open-minded life.

As an entertainment venue to release stress and vent emotions, Heze Intimate Music Theme Restaurant is loved and recognized by more and more people. Its soul lies in its dynamic and stunning sound equipment!

The audio system was provided by Ruijian Electroacoustic International. French Timoo audio products have stable and excellent high-definition sound quality and are extremely sensitive to the positioning and capturing of the best timbre. Under complex and limited sound field conditions, they can still perform solidly and sound natural. Clear, good transient response, fast and clean mid-low frequency characteristics, clear and bright mid-frequency and high-frequency performance with a sense of opening, providing singers with a more relaxed and free performance environment, making the star-studded perfect sound quality eternal.

We always adhere to the concept of customer first, serve customers with care, and strive to impress customers with perfect service and reliable technology!


True praise comes from customer

As TIMOO members,we firmly believe that true praise comes from customer rather than self-righteous attitude.Only by creating top sound effect can we convince customers our acoustics products are of the highest quality.Positive evaluation and confidence from customers are cricual for our long-term development.

We have well-qualified suppliers around the globe

All the agents of TIMOO must be companies with extensive experience in the field of professional acoustics and have good reputations in their regions,so that we can constantly carry out the standard of“Quality First, Customer Foremost”.

Sales driven by word-of-mouth
French TIMOO, like other companies, has been persuing a boost in sales.Yet we believe that only by providing high-quality reliable and durable acoustics products and intimate services, can we earn a reputation for sustainable growth in the future.


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