Guangzhou R.Jian International Electroacoustics Equipment Co., Ltd is situated in the largest speaker manufacturing base——Panyu District, Guangzhou City,Guangdong province, China. It mainly produces TIMOO(French brand)professional stage loudspeakers, KTV sound systems, amplifiers,microphones and other peripheral equipment.

Guided by the idea of "Quality, Service and Innovation", R.jian has attained steady development and formed a sound

all-in-one system involving independent research & development,production,sales and service.

R.Jian imports advanced testing equipment, professional technology and R&D team from foreign countries.As for driver units,we choose the same ones with those world famous louspeaker brands,including Italian B&C, RCF, 18SOUND and French TIMOO; German BMS; UK brand CELESTION and so on.It is firmly believed that only with world-class driver unit can we create top sound effects.Various unit design of different brands attributes to a variety of music styles among speaker systems. With professional R&D team and years of management experience,we have supplied numerous first-class and high-quality products around China and all over the world.

"MUSIC KEEPS UP WITH THE WORLD"is the goal of R.Jian,which means acoustic products should keep pace with the times and constantly meet customers' demands.Motivated by this motto, TIMOO products are of great practical use.Fundamental design,combined with innovative thinking, each piece of  TIMOO product has its extraordinary timbre.
TIMOO aims at developing high-end products,it has got the favor of customers at home and abroad with superb quality and after-sales service.Thus R.Jian establish a long-term cooperative partnership with French TIMOO.
Just as an old saying goes, “Way stretched endless ahead,I will seek from head to foot” , R.Jian keeps on offering its customers acoustics products with cutting-age technology and novel design.


True praise comes from customer

As TIMOO members,we firmly believe that true praise comes from customer rather than self-righteous attitude.Only by creating top sound effect can we convince customers our acoustics products are of the highest quality.Positive evaluation and confidence from customers are cricual for our long-term development.

We have well-qualified suppliers around the globe

All the agents of TIMOO must be companies with extensive experience in the field of professional acoustics and have good reputations in their regions,so that we can constantly carry out the standard of“Quality First, Customer Foremost”.

Sales driven by word-of-mouth
French TIMOO, like other companies, has been persuing a boost in sales.Yet we believe that only by providing high-quality reliable and durable acoustics products and intimate services, can we earn a reputation for sustainable growth in the future.


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