(ONE)Quality Assurance Commitments
1. All the products we provide are guaranteed by rigid quality inspection.
2. Provide prompt replacement or maintenance for software and hardware failures in normal use.

(TWO)After-sales Service Commitments
1. If the products are bought through formal channels,customer will enjoy the standardized, network-based pre-sale, sale and after-sales services and a full range of technical support.
2. Available long-term technical advice.We respond to all questions about the products, and patiently give guidance.If needed, for some major projects, we will appoint a professional engineer to guide on-site.
3. Within product warranty period, both customer and our company will pay one-way freight;If the warranty period is expired, the freight and maintenance costs will be paid by customer.
4. A normal warranty period is 12 months.Our company provide free maintenance service for both electronic products and speaker products.
But the following circumstances do not belong to the normal scope of the warranty:
(1) Accessories, such as power cord, microphone cover, microphone core,etc;
(2) Fail to use or maintain according to the instructions of the product;
(3) Unauthorized alteration (replacement) of product components or unauthorized maintenance;
(4) Components problems like loss of connectors, serious deformation of the circuit board, broken, line scratches, motherboards corrosion,serious rust and stains;
(5) Artificial damage or other force majeure;
(6) Breakdowns and damages caused during transportation.
For all the above situations,we charge maintenance and material costs accordingly, and notify the customer to provide maintenance list.
5. In case of the following circumstances, we can exchange the goods or give a refund:
(1) Within a month from the purchase date, our customer service department confirm that the product has serious quality problems.
(2)Customer is not satisfied with the sample within 3 days.
6. Establish customer feedback channels, handle customer complaints AND notify customers.Improve our technical level from all aspects to better serve the customer.
7. We reserve all rights of final explanation.
If there is something wrong with the product, please contact TIMOO service center.
Company Name:R.Jian International Electro-acoustics Equipment Co.,Ltd.
Address:No.288, Ruijian Science & Technology Park, Weiwen Road, Zhangbian Village, Nancun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou City
Zip code: 511400
Tel: 020-34516748
Fax: 020-84877602


True praise comes from customer

As TIMOO members,we firmly believe that true praise comes from customer rather than self-righteous attitude.Only by creating top sound effect can we convince customers our acoustics products are of the highest quality.Positive evaluation and confidence from customers are cricual for our long-term development.

We have well-qualified suppliers around the globe

All the agents of TIMOO must be companies with extensive experience in the field of professional acoustics and have good reputations in their regions,so that we can constantly carry out the standard of“Quality First, Customer Foremost”.

Sales driven by word-of-mouth
French TIMOO, like other companies, has been persuing a boost in sales.Yet we believe that only by providing high-quality reliable and durable acoustics products and intimate services, can we earn a reputation for sustainable growth in the future.


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