2023 Group Trip of Guangzhou Ruijian Electronic Technology Co Ltd. - -Trip to Dongfang Village

Here comes the autumn, rains brought a trace of cool, slightly the autumn wind is particularly refreshing. The arrival of the autumn rain did not affect the colleagues' enthusiastic yearning and expectation of the group activities. Since its establishment, Ruijian Electroacoustic International has been organizing the team activities for 17 years, come rain or shine, as scheduled.

September 10,2023, the season of fruit and heavy harvest. On the afternoon of the golden autumn September, we embarked on the tourist bus from Panyu to Dongfang Village Resort, starting a wonderful journey of two days and one night.

At about 3 o'clock in the afternoon, we arrived at the Dongfang Village Moreno Resort. After getting off the bus and unloading the audio equipment we brought from the company, the game props we tried our best to buy, and the carefully selected and rich barbecue ingredients, and went to the long-awaited Moreno Resort.

Sometime to take a break, 15:30pm now. everyone gathered in the conference room, follow the leader and coach to arrange a number of play items, including off-road vehicles, kayaking, free activities and so on. During the play process, we are the first to experience the off-road vehicle driving on the steep mountain road, and challenge the pleasure of extreme speed drift. Curious partners in the second play area to try the fun of canoeing, in the water not only to experience the fun of rowing, but also learned the skills of rowing, partners improvised, can't wait to have a canoeing competition, two people in a group. What a wonderful trip!



In the evening, we gave full play to the team spirit of Ruijian to complete the task in groups, including our audio equipment construction group, projector construction group, shooting group, game coordination group, cooking group preparing barbecue ingredients, etc. We made concerted efforts to make full preparations for the wonderful links in the evening.


At night, we set up a group playing a soft music, in this graceful atmosphere to taste the delicious feast of barbecue. Sometimes singing, sometimes dancing......


While barbecue began our group building activities, with electric butt talent (also known as rooster eggs), wear pants, etc., the game has penalty, the winning members can get cash prize, the one who lose the party will be punished "runway", one after another, more down more brave, atmosphere enthusiasm...


Though it is late, everyone still enjoyed so much, getting together to drink beer, talking about life, relaxed and happy.


The next morning, everyone had breakfast and gathered on the big lawn outside the resort's conference room. As the saying goes: "a day's plan is in the morning", more exercise is good for mental and physical health, then we started playing games. There are ‘’balloon, clip paper walking, you in the eyes of colleagues, hand and foot reaction ability game’’, game one by one, the game wins the prize, compete for the front, the scene tense stimulation......


Happy time always passes so fast, imperceptibly to the end of the group activities, beautiful scenery and good things always let people sentimentally attached, everyone returned with good memories.


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