France Timoo support Malaysia's M.Lub Carnival set sail

When the entertainment public is looking for a unique new entertainment experience in the same night entertainment lifestyle, the Malaysia M.Lub Carnival is a good choice. Here is full of music party energy, first-class quality service, comfortable leisure space, focusing on everyone's eyes.

The M.Lub Carnival, with its advanced modern design style, is popular among young people.

From Malaysia M.Lub Carnival, in the field of sound field space, especially in the selection of audio cooperation, the sound is required to ensure that the human voice is clear, the DJ electric sound is strong, and the overall sound pressure of the party room is sufficient.At the same time, the sound should be integrated with the environment, and the lamp and shadow stage atmosphere should be perfectly matched with the flow of music.


In order to create a good sound environment, so that the music and guests better resonate, the party room audio equipment has become the focus of the object.To highlight the mysterious temperament and unique personality of the party room, the France Timoo sound system designed for top entertainment clubs is use.The highly directional output gives a huge impact on the sound level of the party room and is the ideal choice for the main sound reinforcement of the M.Lub Carnival Malaysia.


France Timoo sound does not only with low-frequency shock, high-frequency transparent, each time can bring heart-shaking sound effect, and the whole system is also very humanized to use.


Ruijian electronic technology, we always adhere to the customer first, the heart to serve customers, adhere to the perfect service and reliable technology to impress customers!


True praise comes from customer

As TIMOO members,we firmly believe that true praise comes from customer rather than self-righteous attitude.Only by creating top sound effect can we convince customers our acoustics products are of the highest quality.Positive evaluation and confidence from customers are cricual for our long-term development.

We have well-qualified suppliers around the globe

All the agents of TIMOO must be companies with extensive experience in the field of professional acoustics and have good reputations in their regions,so that we can constantly carry out the standard of“Quality First, Customer Foremost”.

Sales driven by word-of-mouth
French TIMOO, like other companies, has been persuing a boost in sales.Yet we believe that only by providing high-quality reliable and durable acoustics products and intimate services, can we earn a reputation for sustainable growth in the future.


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