France Timoo -- Private multifunction Cinema, Beihai Guangxi

             Beihai, a prefecture-level city in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is an important port of departure of the ancient "Maritime Silk Road" and a national historical and cultural city. Since 2005, Beihai has been listed as one of the "Top Ten Livable Cities in China". Beibu Gulf, which Beihai City faces, has rich Marine resources and is one of the "four major fishing grounds" in China.

Private multifunctional cinema with luxury fashion design is located in Beihai City, Guangxi Province, with the improvement of social science and technology, mini movie bar, private theater gradually rise, an independent screening box with private customized services, both to solve the young people's demand for privacy, but also to solve the movie lovers on demand for the desired movie. Young people generally have a unique character, distinct, not adhering to the secular, the pursuit of fresh, the pursuit of novel entertainment experience, but also continue to promote the market to make changes, and the private movie bar model is in this market demand, came into being, a full range of entertainment consumption experience in line with the needs of young groups.


The audience of the private multifunctional theater can be classified according to different criteria such as film type, popularity, year and so on. After selecting your favorite movie, just press the button, the computer will automatically place an order, and then you can bring snacks, sit in the room and wait for the movie to start, nest in the big leather chair of room, feel the shock of the sound in the movie plot. The realism of the sound makes you feel like you're in the movie. The private multifunctional cinema in Beihai City, Guangxi is equipped with Timoo, a French professional audio system provided by Ruijian Electrosound International, which provides excellent sound effects.

Timoo Professional Audio has an elegant and stylish design that perfectly caters to home theater features while delivering a powerful yet delicate sound.

   It is designed for the multifunction theater to create, play music can be restored beautiful and clear moving, and the sound is a high-precision component frequency division circuit, accurate control of each frequency band, perfect connection is flawless, whether it is full of tension rock or delicate and soft pop songs can be easily controlled, let people get unprecedented singing experience.

   We always adhere to the customer first, the heart to serve customers, adhere to the perfect service and reliable technology to impress customers.


True praise comes from customer

As TIMOO members,we firmly believe that true praise comes from customer rather than self-righteous attitude.Only by creating top sound effect can we convince customers our acoustics products are of the highest quality.Positive evaluation and confidence from customers are cricual for our long-term development.

We have well-qualified suppliers around the globe

All the agents of TIMOO must be companies with extensive experience in the field of professional acoustics and have good reputations in their regions,so that we can constantly carry out the standard of“Quality First, Customer Foremost”.

Sales driven by word-of-mouth
French TIMOO, like other companies, has been persuing a boost in sales.Yet we believe that only by providing high-quality reliable and durable acoustics products and intimate services, can we earn a reputation for sustainable growth in the future.


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